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There's no question that I absolutely love throwing colour around, but I also love the challenge that comes with monochrome. I've been lucky enough to work on 3 fiction titles, all of which have allowed me to flex my greyscale muscles and see what I can do with it. Here are some of my favourites from The Secret Society of Very Important Post by Alexandra Page, The Ice Children by M.G. Leonard and Wishyouwas by Alexandra Page. You can read more about each of these titles on my books page.

The Queen's Falcon - Wishyouwas 2
Volantino - Wishyouwas 2
Lady Vellum - Wishyouwas 2
Thiswayup's letter - Wishyouwas 2
Stopped by the Guards - Wishyouwas 2
Sooty Wishyouwas - Wishyouwas 2
Pordis - The Ice Children
Winterton in the Park - The Ice Children
Quilo, Patter, Pitter & Jack - The Ice Children
Snow Golems - The Ice Children
Jack - The Ice Children
Bianca Snow Angel - The Ice Children
Bianca's Diary - The Ice Children
Pordis in Disguise - The Ice Children
Wishyouwas Chapter Heading
Penny and Wishyouwas - Wishyouwas
The Burrow - Wishyouwas
Scrawl's Workshop - Wishyouwas
The Chase - Wishyouwas
First Meeting - Wishyouwas
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