• Penny Neville-Lee


Ahhhh, Colour Collective; what a beautiful, funny and inspiring thing it is. Born off the back of a month's intensive drawing a day during December for illo_advent, Colour Collective was shaped on a rainy Boxing Day afternoon in answer to the question 'right then, what next?' Drawing everyday is surprisingly habit forming; illo_advent had created a nice supportive group of people that took part everyday and took time to look at and appreciate everyone else's efforts. CC has continued with that tradition.

The idea is a simple one. Each week a colour is set and the medium and subject are left entirely to the participant. The resulting work is then posted at 7.30pm (GMT+1) or during the week afterwards. The posting together is the best bit. You have the anticipation of uploading your own one, and then the rush of seeing everyone else's. It's such a blast. I've missed 4 weeks so far (such good ones too, mustard, indigo and lemon and olive) and each time I feel a pang like I haven't been invited to a really great party.

The rule for selecting the colour is also simple; we can’t have had it before and it has to work alongside it's predecessor. This is particularly handy when you miss one and want to double-up like my fuchsia this week that has more than a nod to olive green, and it means that you end up with lovely pairings like warm grey and mustard. Yummy!

If you don’t take part, I can’t recommend it enough, the support you get is just amazing. Best of all though is seeing what everyone else comes up with. It’s turned into the most incredible collection of illustration, painting and printmaking. You can have a look at them on the CC Facebook page. Just head to the different albums and wonder at the incredible wealth of creativity that comes from that one shared starting point.



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