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Colour Collective Charity Auction: A bit about how

Colour Collective Charity Auction

Listing Instructions...

You will need:

  • Something to list! Original artwork or print. This week’s CC is Phthalo Blue, but you can add whatever you like to the auction (something old, something new; your choice)

  • An eBay and PayPal account

Once you have those, create a listing for your item.

  1. Go to My eBay

  2. Sell> All Selling> Sell an item. Then click on ‘Switch to Advanced Tool’ at the top of the page.

  3. Switch to the advanced tool (you’ll need this to make it a charity listing).

  4. Create a Title for your item. In order to link all of the items in the auction together it’s important that you use the following words in the title description for your item:

Colour Collective Charity Auction – Put your name here

  1. Then decide on a category for your work. I went for Art> Artists (Self-Representing)> Painting> Watercolour/Gouache

  2. Ignore the Condition description unless you’ve spilled your tea on yours. Though no-one would blame you.

  3. Add some Images of your beautiful work

  4. I then removed most of the item specifics except for it being ‘An original’ and then the medium

  5. Then add an item description in Details. I added a bit of a blurb about CC and the reason why I wanted to contribute to the auction. You can read it separately on my blog here...!Colour-Collective-Charity-Auction-A-bit-about-why/cxlt/55ef45850cf2de902a814406 but obviously write what feels right for you and a bit of a description about you and your work. You’re terrific- tell everyone!

  6. Price: Keep it on Auction. I put £0.99 as my starting price but that bit’s up to you.

  7. If you’re listing on Friday, select 10 days duration for your listing. If you’re running a bit late, you could list on Monday and select 7 days. Ultimately it would be nice if we all ended our listings together on Monday 21st September.

  8. Go to ’or select another charity’ and click on Save the Children UK and select your donation percentage. eBay waive their fees for charity listing but PayPal do not, so in order to protect yourself from these any costs incurred during your do-gooding, the helpful bods at PayPal Giving Fund recommend selecting 95% as your percentage donation. The remaining 5% that you then receive from your auction price can be used to cover any costs incurred. Of course it’s fine to take the hit and go for 100% if you don’t mind it covering the costs yourself. (There’s some really useful below about how your donation will then be taken by PayPal and given to Save the Children.)

  9. Almost there!

  10. Add your email to the PayPal bit.

  11. Decide on postage and Packaging costs. I’ve used £4.50 to cover a portion of a Special Delivery price but this bit’s entirely up to you.

  12. Click on ‘returns not accepted’.

  13. Then List baby List!

  14. Finally give yourself a hearty pat on the back. You’ve done something brilliant. Thank you!

How PayPal collect your donation as a Community Seller:

Community Sellers are general eBay sellers who choose to donate 10-100% of their sales. They pay their donation to us; we claim Gift Aid where relevant and forward the funds in full to the designated charity.

If you sell charity items as a Community Seller, you’ll have two options for paying your donation:

• Wait for us to collect the donation automatically on the due date (3-4 weeks after the item sells) via the payment method you have on file. You can manage your automatic payment method by logging into and navigating to My eBay > Account > Personal Information and then scrolling to the bottom of the Financial Information section.

• Make a manual payment via the payment method of your choice by navigating to My eBay > Account > Donation Account > Donations Due.

Either way, we’ll forward 100% of your donation, plus Gift Aid if you’ve made a declaration, to the charity’s bank account. We typically forward donations the month after we receive them. Find out more about how we process donations on the link below.

Note that the donation amount will be the specified percentage of the final sale price. This is exclusive of P&P and any transaction fees. Here’s an example:

You sell an item for £100 plus £5 P&P, with 100% to charity. Your buyer pays £105 via PayPal. You receive £101.23 (£105 less PayPal’s transaction fee of 3.4% plus 20p) into your PayPal account. PayPal Giving Fund collects a donation payment of £100, leaving you £1.23 to cover P&P costs.

If you intend to donate 100% of your proceeds but you’d like to cover your costs, you may consider lowering your donation percentage appropriately.

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