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So, you've sold your brilliant #CC Auction piece. Now what happens?

Hello all!

Firstly thanks you all so much for taking part in the Colour Collective Charity Auction. It was incredibly kind of you to give your time and efforts to help raise money for Save the Children UK and it's much appreciated. You might have noticed that eBay has yet to donate your auction total and it's still sitting pretty in your PayPal account. Don't worry! It can take up to 4 weeks for PayPal's charity division to debit your account. This is apparently to give time for winning bidders to actual pay or any problems to be straightened out. Alternatively, you can donate manually using the instructions below (I did it a minute a go and it's simple).

Listed below is all the information about how your donation is actually taken. It was in my original listing instructions but way down at the bottom. And frankly if you'd made it to the bottom of the epic listing instructions you we're propbably rewarding yourself with a well earned tea or glass of wine by that point.

Thanks again for persevering. You helped raise a fantastic amount for a truly worthy cause and I for one salute you!

How PayPal collect your donation as a Community Seller:

Community Sellers are general eBay sellers who choose to donate 10-100% of their sales. They pay their donation to us; we claim Gift Aid where relevant and forward the funds in full to the designated charity.

If you sell charity items as a Community Seller, you’ll have two options for paying your donation:

• Wait for us to collect the donation automatically on the due date (3-4 weeks after the item sells) via the payment method you have on file. You can manage your automatic payment method by logging into and navigating to My eBay > Account > Personal Information and then scrolling to the bottom of the Financial Information section.

• Make a manual payment via the payment method of your choice by navigating to My eBay > Account > Donation Account > Donations Due.

Either way, we’ll forward 100% of your donation, plus Gift Aid if you’ve made a declaration, to the charity’s bank account. We typically forward donations the month after we receive them. Find out more about how we process donations on the link below.

Note that the donation amount will be the specified percentage of the final sale price. This is exclusive of P&P and any transaction fees. Here’s an example:

You sell an item for £100 plus £5 P&P, with 100% to charity. Your buyer pays £105 via PayPal. You receive £101.23 (£105 less PayPal’s transaction fee of 3.4% plus 20p) into your PayPal account. PayPal Giving Fund collects a donation payment of £100, leaving you £1.23 to cover P&P costs.

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