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A few weeks ago I met the lovely Lisa Davis from BookTrust (@LisaLibros over on Twitter) and she told me briefly about their upcoming campaign 'Bath Book Bed' which hoped to promote reading as part of a successful bedtime routine for babies and small children.

I've always had a major soft spot for Book Trust; their early years programme Bookstart encourages reading to babies and literacy in general right from the get-go and their packs are a much loved part of early parenthood (they certainly were for me). This new campaign sounded like such a sweet and simple idea and immediately conjured lots of lovely images to mind. I offered to make some artwork for it and encourage others to do so too. As I've so often found with Twitter and it's lovely band of creatives, if you ask them to produce something, they not only meet but always surpass any expectations I might have had. I've included all of the images that were posted on Thursday by said creatives. The three albums (!) worth of beautiful pictures demonstrate the wit, imagination, generosity and above all talent of the illustrators involved. Thanks to all who took part for contributing to surely one of the cosiest evenings in Twitter ever and to help promote this great campaign and fantastic charity.

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