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Paper Rocking Horse

I've been teaching 3D Design for the last couple of years and the main discipline that I've really enjoyed learning about and passing on to my students, is paper design and engineering. I designed this little rocking horse as a Christmas activity for them. If you'd like to have a go too, I'd love to see how you get on.

You can download the A4 template below and there are some simple instruction at the end of the page. This is an activity that would suit an adult or older child best, as the cutting is a little fiddly. I hope you have fun!

Basic Instructions: This is a four colour design but the colours you choose are entirely up to you. Thin card works best. File dividers are a great, inexpensive source for this (this is a niche British refence, but the ones from B&M are amazing colours, and as you can imagine, a bargain).

You'll get the best results using a craft knife and cutting mat. Cut out the 4 rectangles from the template and staple on top of a piece of corresponding sized card. Cut through both layers (you'll have to mark both ends of the score lines, so you can score them once the template is removed). Anything curved can be a real fiddle with a knife so use scissors if that's easier. The eye piece is by far the most fiddly bit here, but this can be drawn on, so don't fret if it really is too small to cut out. I've only included one eye piece and one mane and bridle, as this was conceived as a one-sided piece. If you want this to be a full 360° experience, just draw around those three pieces (flipped over) once you've cut them out.

The head and tail just slot into the main semi circle and shouldn't need gluing. The other bits such as the saddle pieces, mane, stars and bridle will just stick on with a tiny amount of PVA glue. The reins should match up with the bridle and you'll just need to stick both ends. Refer to picture if you get stuck!

I hope it works and you have as nice a time making it and I did designing it!

*This template is for non-commercial, personal use only. Thank you!


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